7 Nov 2022: Toilet open, new tearoom, and orchard news


As at 7 Nov 2022 there were 45 people on the waiting lists and 0 plots being prepared for letting.

Burnside Toilet – Open BUT!

We think the mess previously caused in the loo is the result of children not sitting on the loo seat correctly, and not being supervised or subsequently checked by a parent. The toilet is now being checked daily, and access to the toilet is monitored by a camera to try to prove exactly what is taking place. 

Tearoom is fully open

Even though the covered area is not yet constructed, hopefully that will be done soon, the Tearoom is now open. Use of the Tearoom is on a “club basis”. There is a yearly charge of £10 to cover the cost of tea, coffee, sugar, kitchen roll, paper plates, disposable cutlery etc. and gas, plus a refundable deposit of £7 for a key. There will also be a requirement to sign up to the Tea Club rules, which will include keeping the Tearoom clean and secure, and not cutting additional keys or sharing your key with other people. There will be guidance / training given to all new club members on use of the Tearoom, particularly the safe use the gas stove. For more info contact Andy, the site manager 

Orchard – the apples are now becoming ready to pick

The orchard is made up of various heritage varieties which ripen at different times. As each tree becomes ready to pick a big yellow “picking now” sign will be placed adjacent to that tree. You can then pick a few apples from the signed tree. We currently have 125 tenants on the Burnside site so let’s try and share them out. Please take as many wind falls as you like.  

Volunteering Day

A Volunteering Day took place on Sunday October 9th. The main work was to remove the black fabric on the area at the end of the orchard, rotovate and level it, then sow grass seed. Also, some overgrown newly let plots were cleared, the track around the rear of the play area was cut back, the BurnBin ran all day, and some smaller jobs were also completed. The day started at 10:00 and ran till 17:00. There was Burnbin food at lunchtime, plus hot and cold drinks all day. Many thanks to all those that came, mucked in and enjoyed the day. 

Store season has ended

The store season runs from April to early July, with most sales taking place in May. Many thanks to all of the volunteers who staffed the store this year and particularly to Mary who managed the staffing rota. You can still buy stuff from the store if needed, just speak to Andy. Please be aware that all of the compost is sold out and we are very low on slug pellets. 

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