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Here is the latest news from the Burnside site manager
Updated 24 Sep 2022


As at 24 Sep 2022 there were 51 people on the waiting lists and 6 plots being prepared for letting.

What's happening and coming up?

Volunteering Day

A Volunteering Day is planned for Sunday October 9th. The main aim is to tidy up the black fabric area at the end of the orchard, but there will be other jobs too. The day starts at 10:00 and ends at about 13:00. There will be food at lunchtime, plus hot and cold drinks all day. Come for a couple of hours or join in for the whole day. There is no better way to get to know fellow tenants than to work together on projects which support the general upkeep of the site for everyone. 


Bonfires on individual plots are currently NOT allowed. A decision will be made later in the autumn, when the drought has properly ended, as to if, when and how they are re-allowed. For some years now the Burnside site has made regular use of the excellent communal Burn Bin facility. Many dozens of barrow loads and builder's bags, full of not easy to compost woody clippings, diseased plants and pernicious weeds have been disposed of in the Burn Bin. This is the best method to deal with your allotment grown non compostable waste. It is important to remember, when and if, bonfires are permitted again, that bringing waste from home to burn on the allotment is strictly forbidden.  

Burnside Toilet - Open BUT!

We have now had too many mishaps in the toilet. We think the result of children not sitting on the loo seat correctly, and not being supervised or subsequently checked by a parent. It's just too much for the volunteer team to continually clean up. So, for the foreseeable future the toilet building will be open for hand washing and the gent's urinal, but the “sit down loo” will be not be in use. It will be made available on special days like the coming Burn Bin session.

Tearoom to fully open soon.

Even though the covered area is not yet constructed, hopefully that will be done this autumn, the Tearoom is nearly ready to open. Use of the Tearoom will be on a “club basis”. There will be a yearly charge of £10 to cover the cost of tea, coffee, sugar, kitchen roll, paper plates, disposable cutlery etc and gas, plus a one off charge for a key. There will also be a requirement to sign up to the “Tearoom” club rules, which will include keeping it clean and secure, and not cutting additional keys or sharing your key with people who are not part of the club. There will be training given on how to safely use the gas stove.

Orchard - The apples are now becoming ready to pick.

The orchard is made up of various heritage varieties which ripen at different times. As each tree becomes ready to pick a big yellow “picking now” sign will be placed adjacent to that tree. You can then pick a few apples from the signed tree. We currently have 125 tenants on the Burnside site so let's try and share them out. Please take as many wind falls as you like.  

What's happened recently?

Last BURN BIN - Brought forward to Thursday 22nd.

A Burn Bin session was held on Friday 22nd 16:00 - 19:00. It was planned for Saturday 24th but the wind direction was forecast to be wrong. The Burn was well attended and as usual there was food cooked in the oven, all very popular, as was Sedat's Baklava, all very tasty. the session went on well into the evening finishing at 21;00, it was a great test of the tearoom lighting which worked extremely well. 

Summer Party 

The Burnside summer arty took place on a lovely sunny afternoon on Saturday September 3rd. A gazebo had been erected the previous day by Andy and Ingrid because the weather forecast indicated rain showers, however it was used for shade on the day due to the warm sunshine. The party was very well attended, and a variety of food was provided both from society funds and donated by tenants. Hamish's huge supply of scones, cream and jam was incredibly all consumed. As always, the wind-up music was very popular and of interest, even if the volume of the 1936 machine did impinge on conversation on occasion. There was lots of help to clear up at the end which nicely rounded of the day. 

Store season has ended

The store season runs from April to early July, with most sales taking place in May. Many thanks to all of the volunteers who staffed the store this year and particularly to Mary who managed the staffing rota. You can still buy stuff from the store if needed, just speak to Andy. Please be aware that all of the compost is sold out and we are very low on slug pellets. 

Site issues

Adherence to Site Rules

The site rules are displayed on the notice boards and are available on this website. Please be aware of the detail as they form part of your tenancy agreement. 

Site managers

Burnside has two site managers: Andy Kurdynowski and Matthew Whitelegg.

If you have any thoughts, questions or suggestions, or you would like to get involved with their activities on the site, you can email them at  burnsidesitemanager

Andy Kurdynowski
Andy Kurdynowski
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Matthew Whitelegg

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