Frilly peas and beans

Barry South writes: Ever wondered what causes this? It’s the Pea and Bean Weevil – Sitona lineatus. It’s about 3mm to 4mm long and you will find it on peas and beans in the spring, probably hiding where the leaf folds as it joins the leaf stalk. They are pretty good at disappearing when disturbed […]

Controlling pests

John McGill writes: There are several things that can dampen a plot holder’s enthusiasm – weather, poor soil, etc – but pests may be the most irksome. You plant a crop, let’s say of courgettes, and all appears to be fine, and you start to look forward to a nice dinner, and… then it rains, […]


Andy K writes: Smore n. A sweet treat. The origin of smores is unclear but the first recorded reference is in Shakespeare’s Henry V: One smore unto the breach, dear friends, one smore: and is believed to refer to the need to fill that little tummy gap before slaughtering your enemies. Ingredients Method

Smita’s courgette curry

Anyone who was at the Society’s summer BBQ will probably have enjoyed Smita’s aromatic courgette curry. For those of you who were there, here’s a chance to relive the flavours. For those of you who weren’t there, here’s a chance to find out what you missed. Preparation time: 5 minutesCooking time: 12 to 15 minutesServes: […]

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