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In April 2016, our friends at Cambridge 105 Radio came to visit Vinery Road to learn about keeping chickens. You can hear the interview below, or go to the Radio 105 podcast for the complete broadcast.


Here are some excellent videos, filmed and edited by Martin Salmon (Vinery Road tenant and committee member) and uploaded to Mill Road TV. They are available on the Mill Road TV site here under "Earth Matters".

 Martin began with an introduction to the Vinery site, filming Colin, a long standing tenant who organised the building of the pavilion. There is also a video of Patrick, another longstanding Vinery tenant, on keeping hens, and several of Glynn Gorick, Vinery site manager, showing us round his plot through the year.

There will be more videos to come. Martin is keen to film people making up recipes using allotment produce, Burnside allotment features etc.

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An introduction to Vinery Road

Keeping chickens at Vinery Road

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