Liv Bull (Burnside Site Chair)

My partner and I gratefully received a half plot at Burnside in May 2020 and it has been an incredible adventure since. I must admit I was more of a houseplant person then an outdoor gardener, but having the allotment has definitely changed that! You will often find us pottering around the plot or sometimes enjoying a drink in the sunshine. I am always up for a chat, so do come say hello if you see me. I look forward to being able to further support the society as a member of the committee.

Andy Kurdynowski (Burnside Site Manager and Treasurer)

I’ve had my plot on Burnside since 2004, starting as a complete allotment novice, and have been a member of the committee for much of that time. I am one of the two Burnside site managers, often spending too much time maintaining the site and not enough working my plot, but I do get enjoyment from both.

Matthew Whitelegg (Burnside Site Manager)

I started on the allotment in the Spring of 2009. Since then we have enjoyed abundant crops of bindweed and mare’s tail. As well as tending the plot I have the role of Burnside site manager along with Andy. Over the years this has involved letting out plots to new tenants and generally working on the site as a whole.

Hamish Symington (Secretary)

Hamish Symington

My wife and I have had a half plot for about six years, and I’ve kept bees in an apiary on the site for nine. We’re aiming to work on our vegetables in the next few years, after decent success with currants, tayberries, strawberries and greengages. Like most others, I think we always hope to spend more time on our plot than we actually do!

Emma Lacy

I got my plot at Burnside right at the start of the pandemic in 2020. It’s my little Eden and a place away from the hustle and bustle. Having worked at The RSPB and at environmental organisations, before going gardener full time, it’s an environment I’m really passionate about. Putting nature and the climate first by growing my own.

John McGill

I’ve had a plot at Burnside since about 2010 and have been on the committee since 2014. I’ve always found it a very friendly environment, with great collaboration among all other plot-holders.

Barry South (Vinery Site Chair and Site Manager)

I’ve had a plot on the Vinery site since 2004 growing mostly fruit and veg that you can’t find easily in the supermarkets or that are just better eaten fresh. I’m keen to both reclaim the real definition of fresh and minimise food miles. I’m responsible for the management of the Vinery site.

Peter Harrison

Bio coming soon!

Patrick Joyce

Bio coming soon

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