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Liv Bull (Burnside & Vinery Chair)

My partner and I gratefully received a half plot at Burnside in May 2020 and it has been an incredible adventure since. I must admit I was more of a houseplant person then an outdoor gardener, but having the allotment has definitely changed that! You will often find us pottering around the plot or sometimes enjoying a drink in the sunshine. I am always up for a chat, so do come say hello if you see me. I look forward to being able to further support the society as a member of the committee.

Andy Kurdynowski

I’ve had my plot on Burnside since 2004, starting as a complete allotment novice, and have been a member of the committee for much of that time.

Hamish Symington (Secretary)

Hamish Symington

My wife and I have had a half plot since 2014, and I’ve kept bees in an apiary on the site for a little longer than that. We’re aiming to work on our vegetables in the next few years, after decent success with currants, tayberries, strawberries and greengages. Like most others, I think we always hope to spend more time on our plot than we actually do!

Luce Moelans (Treasurer)

After a very long wait, in April 2023 I received the delightful news that a half plot had become available for me. I’m definitely a novice to gardening, but learning loads as I go. The garden is my quiet place of relaxation after a hectic day at work. I value the welcoming environment at Burnside, and hope to contribute to it as much as I can.

Patrick Joyce (Vinery Site Manager)

Scarily, I started on Vinery in 1997. For several years I resisted the temptation to grow asparagus on my plot because it took three years before you got anything and I had always planned on moving. Twenty years on, I’m still here and the original asparagus is still doing fine! I try to keep six hens (subject to foxes and bird flu), I make half decent Romsey cider, and I don’t like weeds.

Peter Harrison

I’ve had my allotment at Vinery for 20 years or so and have grown large crops of dandelions and guilt. I have been on the committee, on and off, for the last 15 years or so. My best achievement out of those years was the removal of the fabled ‘Burnside Mound’ (a long-standing pile of rubbish!) 

Aggie Gada

I joined the Vinery allotment community  in 2017. I started with a small, mostly overgrown plot that I have turned into my own paradise. Since then, I have expanded and welcomed three Silkie chickens called Steve, Rachel and Eunice. My aim is to feed myself over the  summer period with what I have grown on my little plot, to be more sustainable, and to share my passion for cooking health food. 

Sam Bloxam

I received my allotment at vinery in February 2023 and it’s been amazing. My children and I potter about and do what we need to do to keep it tidy and we planted lots of vegetables in our first year. I’ve always enjoyed gardening and growing my own fruit and vegetables so now with the allotment I can try and grow all the things we like to eat. This is my sanctuary from the daily hustle and bustle of the office, and I can unwind and enjoy the wildlife and quiet sometimes as you may hear me with my youngest who is notorious for constantly asking questions and loving his bug pile he’s made.

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