Burnside Store

The Store is located at the Burnside entrance to the Burnside site and is normally open 10- 12 Saturdays and Sundays in May, and Saturdays only in June and July. From August to April, if you need something from stock, please email the store manager, and if it’s still in stock he’ll arrange to supply it to you.

Price list

Grow Organic 50L£7.50
New Horizon Peat Free Compost 50L £5.50
Miracle Gro All Purpose Liquid Plant Food 1L£4.00
Bird Netting (4m wide – per m)£1.50
Standard Insect Mesh 1.3mm (3.6m wide – per m)£4.00
Fine Insect Mesh 0.6mm (3.6m wide – per m)£5.00
MDPE pipe for netting loops (25mm – per m)£1.00
DOFF slug and snail killer 800g£6.50
125gsm weed control fabric (4m wide – per m)£4.00
6 inch weed fabric staples20p each
Garden twine (plastic)£2.50
Garden twine (green)£2.00
Garden twine (brown)£4.00
Tomorite Tomato Feed 1L£5.00
Extra Thick Bamboo Canes 8ft£2.50 each
Thick Bamboo Canes 8ft80p each
Bamboo Canes 6ft60p each
Bamboo Canes 4ft40p each
Permanent marker for plant labels£1.00
150mm white plant label (each)5p
17gsm Fleece (1.5m – per m)20p
National Growmore NPK 7:7:7 fertiliser 1kg£1.50
Fish, Blood and Bone 1kg£1.50
Chicken Pellets (6X) 1kg£1.50
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