Vinery Road

Vinery Road is the smaller of our two sites, covering 1.44 hectares between Coldham’s Lane and Mill Road. Access to the site is from Vinery Road. There are 45 full plots, about two-thirds of which are divided and let as half plots, and three water troughs on the site, supplied with water from spring to autumn. The site also has a composting toilet, plus the ‘Trevor Taylor Pavilion’, which offers a place to rest and make tea and coffee.

Key features

  • The site is run by Site Manager Patrick Joyce (right), supported by the Vinery Committee. The Site Chair is Liv Bull.
  • One of the Vinery plots is designed by TJ Kids for children’s activities and has gate access from St Philip’s School.
  • Vinery Road tenants are welcome to buy items from the Society Store, located at Burnside, which is open to all Society members from spring to early summer. Items stocked include compost, fleece, weed control fabric, fertilisers, canes, netting etc.
Barry South

Site updates

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